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We did a great service.

btcu.biz does not strain your precious patience. The Bitcoin mempool is full and transaction confirmation, in most cases, takes several hours. Here you can see the situation change in real-time. 

However, btcu.biz users can send bitcoins from account to account instantly, without commissions and restrictions!

Let's look at an example.

In the online calculator we calculate how much the transaction will cost, which will be confirmed in the mainnet in an hour.

Bitcoin works in such a way that miners who verify transactions and add them to the blockchain receive a fee, the size of which determines the order in which the transaction is confirmed. For example, today, when due to the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency rate people are in a hurry to make transactions, the size of the commission will be from 50 to 65 cents. If you need to send the equivalent of 200 UAH, the commission of miners will be 8% of the payment amount!

The third reason why you should like us - we are ready to knock the world flat, just tell about it.

Our telegram bot works around the clock and does not go to quarantine https://t.me/btcubiz_help_bot.

The support service also works as usual.

The more people use our service, the less transaction costs. Opening an account in our system is still free, and the fee for transferring funds between accounts will always be free. Therefore, if you have not registered on the site, do it in a minute without having to provide any documents. And recommend us to your friends!